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Kohl’s Volunteers Create Outdoor Dream For Club Members

Kohl’s Volunteers Create Outdoor Dream for Club Members

News 12 Stops by for Kohl’s Volunteer Event

On August 15th Kohl’s volunteers transformed our outdoor blacktop into a game area and inspiration space for our members. Seven Kohl’s volunteers from the Newton location took a little bit of paint and created magic for our members.

Kohl’s has been a long-standing partner of the Club and when the world shut down, so did volunteer events scheduled for Kohl’s. The team continued to reach out to check in on our community and as soon as they were able, we planned a safe and socially-distant activity for our volunteers that made a huge impact for Club Kids.

Thanks to Kohl’s, outdoor play was a bit more fun with hand-painted hopscotch, four square, and other games created for endless fun for our members. Thank you Kohl’s for always caring about the community you serve. #KohlsCares

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