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Over 50 Years of Serving Our Community…

Boys and Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club of Paterson and Passaic is staffed by one of the most highly trained groups of youth service professionals in the nation. Below is a list of our Executive and Administrative staff. If you have question about the work they do, please contact them at the e-mail addresses provided.

Wendy McGuire

Chief Executive Officer

Phone: 973-279-3055, ext 230

Janice Gomez

Chief Operations Officer

Phone: 973-279-3055, ext 321

Jane He

Chief Development Officer

Phone: 973-279-3055, ext 250

Kenitra Washington

Chief Program Quality Officer

Phone: 973-279-3055, ex 320

Racquel Lewis

Director of Human Resources

Phone: 973-279-3055, ext 220

Sandra Damjanovski


Phone: 973-279-3055, ext 241

Katrel Ortiz

Site Supervisor

Phone: 973-279-3055, ext 322

Alexandra Neale

Development and Special Events Manager

Phone: 973-279-3055, ext 251

EJ McKenzie

Paterson Clubhouse Director

Phone: 973-279-3055, ext 328

Tania Pedroza

Passaic Clubhouse Director

Phone: 973-777-7235, ex 503

Marlan Cameron

Staff Ambassador

Phone: 973-279-3055

Elana Banks

Passaic Program Director

Phone: 973-777-7235, ex 507

Lavor Moore

Paterson Program Director

Phone: 973-279-3055, ext 329

Chef Casey Bailey

Clubhouse Chef

Phone: 973-279-3055

Amber Santos

Family Navigator

Phone: 973-777-7235, ex 504

Genesis Amado

Community Wellness Coordinator

Phone: 973-279-3055, 333

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