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Meet Haleem – our Star Writer! After having joined our Paterson Club in 2018, now 8 year old Haleem has been motivated to improve upon his reading skills with the help of one-on-one time from his staff mentors, EJ and Erica. Haleem has mastered reading entire Dr. Seuss books, and enjoys creative writing too. He even won the Poetry Contest at his elementary school with his poem, My New Home – which he read out loud on stage in front of an audience at Passaic County Community College in June 2019. Hard work, creativity and a shining personality are what make little Haleem a STAR, and his story represents only 1 of the 1,100 incredible stories that Paterson and Passaic Club Kids have to share.

Haleem’s success story is made all the more special after you have a chance to read his award winning poem!

My New Home
I was happy…so very happy!
My new mom and dad took me to my new home.
I loved my new bed and my special new room, too.
It made me feel happy and loved.

I have a beautiful mom!
I have a cool dad!
My sister is pretty fantastic too!
We all make a great new family
In my home that is new.

For this new place and family
I am very, very glad!
My family is a great gift for me to have!

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