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Paterson Firefighter Ralph Feliciano attended the Paterson Clubhouse in his youth and continues to make giving back to the community he hails from a priority in his life and work. From presenting to Club Kids about fire safety to flipping burgers at our End of School Year Block Party, Feliciano is a consistent presence at the Club, volunteering his time and serving as an exemplary role model and mentor to our youth.

In 2022, Feliciano led the efforts to raise funds and renovate a Multimedia Center at the Paterson Clubhouse. Under Feliciano’s leadership,  the Paterson Firefighter’s Association FMBA Local 2 and Paterson Fire Association Local 202 sold 20,000 t-shirts in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. A portion of the proceeds were donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Paterson to renovate and equip a new, state-of-the-art Multimedia Center, complete with a projector screen, video games consoles with 3D virtual reality games, gaming chairs and high-top tables and stools. The Multimedia Center provides an engaging, interactive and fun space for Club Kids of all ages – and is a lasting tribute to Ralph Feliciano’s credo “For us, by us.”

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